It was 1992 when Marcas aka Qbit started to take courses at the musical conservatory in Ostend. He learned all about
the basics in music and began to play the piano. As time passed, he got bored with classical music and driven by his
obsession for electronic music, he wanted to try something new. At the age of 15, he formed the band ‘Marcas’ to
bring a large variety of electronic music, from house to electro to drum&bass. His interest in drum&bass grew over
the years and he decided to drop ‘Marcas’ and focus more on producing drum&bass. The Qbit-moniker was the result.

After a year of trying out stuff, Woodrow, label-owner of Drop On Request recordings, picked up Qbit's ‘Eternal Loving’.
Check it out in Real Player or MP3 format. One year later the release was a fact. DOR label-owners Woodrow & Alex
became so sure of him that they decided to make him the lead artist of the label.

As a producer, Qbit doesn’t put his focus on one genre. That’s why he decided to pick the ‘Marcas’ project back up.
Marcas stands for smooth, melodic but moving drum & bass. As Marcas, he returns to DOR with two fresh cuts for the
label’s 5th release, the dubby ‘Dream era’ (Real/MP3) and 'Fool’ (Real/MP3), a slice of liquid soul. Halfway 2005 Marcas
featured on the 3rd release of Revolution Recordings with the Jamaican flavoured track ‘Dinky dub’.

Marcas’ dj-style can be described as funky business with an edge. It will get you moving without a doubt! Marcas played
out at parties like Bass Invaderz, alongside none other than Subfocus at Nirwana Kru’s Sound Odyssey, at Amen 2005 and
so on.