The ‘history’ of the Elementz-crew takes us back to the year 1999. Data & Verifier started out
in 1998 and Sniper had been spinning House and Techno since 1996. By 1999 they felt the need
to get out there and do their own thing, so they started organising parties named “Scope” along
with Jef, our current webmaster, and a whole bunch of other guys. The line-ups from those days
were a mix of Hip Hop, Ragga and D&B. While the parties did pretty fine, Scope only lasted for 3
editions and dj-wise, Verifier, Data and Sniper sort of went their own way.

Apart from the occasional party where they shared the decks, they didn’t get back together until
2003, when they joined forces in the Elementz-crew. “We had a bit of a slow start, but people got
to know what the Elementz-parties are about and the turnout increased with each edition, leading
to well-filled dancefloors. We always try to give the crowd that little extra in our parties. After the
mc-battle and the live drummer, we’re bringing over Marcas and will set up a laser and visuals for
the 4th chapter of our drum&bass-concept, Elementz' 2nd anniversary.”