Thursday 29/09/2005 - 2 Years of Elementz @ Rumba&co (Louvain)

> Marcas is a young and talented Belgian producer. He is a member of the
Stardust Kru and has released some very nice tracks on labels like Drop on
Request and Revolution Recordings. Want
to know more about Marcas?
Read his bio and check out his tracks here...

> We will install a powerfull 100 mW green laser, rented from

> Visuals will be provided by the guys from Mousquito Productions.

> A big thx goes out to Luc Van Den Bosch, who was so kind to let us use
one of his 'run down factories and abandoned buildings' pictures to design
our poster. Check out all his other work on Lab Wan.
The photograph we used was taken at an old coal sorting-and-washing
plant in Binche. Check out the other photos of this factory here.